Profs puzzled that conservatives resist social justice courses

Two education professors recently argued that aspiring K-12 teachers who hold conservative views and resist social justice theories may not be qualified to work with children. 

Erin Miller and Tehia Stark-Glass, both professors at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, advanced the case in a March 8 article in the journal The New Educator entitled “The Maintenance of Whiteness in Urban Education,” expressing concerns that white conservative teachers will be unable to effectively teach minorities if they do not thoroughly internalize social justice.

The professors assert that some white students in their elementary education diversity classes have “impervious dispositions that would likely not qualify them to work with diverse children,” as evidenced by the fact that those who struggled most with the course content tended to “think they were being indoctrinated into Anti-American values.” 

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To study this, Miller and Stark-Glass used data from 35 teachers-in-training at UNC who took one of their recent classes, 30 of whom were white. The professors only retained data from white students, explaining that their “abrasively honest” responses give insights into how best to discuss diversity with “white students who do not simply give teachers what they want to hear.”

Lara, a conservative white student who supports the Second Amendment, was singled out in the paper for recounting an instance in which her AP English teacher had warned her that she would receive a 0 if she were to write a paper about her opposition to gun control.

Though Miller and Stark tell the reader nothing about Lara’s actual ability to teach, they cite her “conservatism” as especially troubling. 

Lara’s “conservatism spanned many topics and surfaced repeatedly throughout the course,” the professors lament, adding that it is “safe to assume that Lara probably became less culturally sensitive and open minded” as she continued to raise her conservative views in class. 

“Probing even deeper, however, we see that Lara may have feared alienation from her conservative white community if she openly accepted the content posed in the course,” they speculate. “It could be that her refusal to accept the ideas of the course

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All-womens college asks profs not to call students women

Mount Holyoke College, an all-women’s school, is asking professors to avoid calling students “women” or otherwise referring to “the two genders.”

The Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Students guide was created by officials at the college, which touts its legacy as an all-women’s college, in an effort to promote a “gender neutral” classroom environment.

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“When discussing the student body, say ‘Mount Holyoke students’ rather than ‘Mount Holyoke women,’” it instructs professors. “Avoid making statements like ‘We’re all women here...’, or referring to ‘...the two genders...’”

The guide claims that “many students spend the first day of class braced against various types of disrespect,” such as “professors who mispronounce their names, call them by the wrong name entirely, misgender them, and so on.”

To avoid accidentally insulting students, the guide instructs faculty members to avoid calling names from attendance rosters and instead invite students to introduce themselves during class. 

Establishing “mutual trust” is crucial for professors to accomplish as soon as possible, preferably during the first day of class, the guide explains, stating that “students who are worried about not being treated with respect can’t concentrate on what we’re [professors] saying.” 

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The college also released a companion guide on “Intersectionality in the Classroom,” which encourages professors to take an “intersectional approach” in the classroom by “becoming aware of the multiple forms of oppression and privilege each individual faces and how they interact with one another.” 

For example, “two transgender students from different class or racial backgrounds are going to have different perspectives and life experiences, even though they have one identity in common.” 

Another new guide put out by the Massachusetts college on “Inclusive Teaching” warns professors that their classrooms “are never neutral spaces and are marked by the same inequalities, exclusion, and power struggles that exist else

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Profs claim scientific objectivity reinforces whiteness

A newly published academic journal article argues that science educators must do more to combat “whiteness” and “White ideology” in the classroom. 

In their research essay titled “Towards a truer multicultural science education: how whiteness impacts science education,” University of Colorado at Denver scholars Cheryl E. Matias and Paul T. Le seek to “have the field consider the theoretical frames of whiteness and how it might influence how we engage in science education such that our hope for diversity never fully materializes.”

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“Whiteness embraces White ideology, and because Whites are at the apex of the racial hierarchy, whiteness becomes normalized and is invisible to those who benefit the most from it,” the scholars observe. “This is particularly troubling because the normality of whiteness means that Whites do not believe that they are actively investing in White supremacy or racism, which keeps oppression intact.”

While “the [science] culture attempts to be unbiased through peer reviewing and consistent methods and methodologies,” this interpretation “falsely makes us believe that science is an objective enterprise and transcends culture,” the academics assert.

“For many scientists, we are convinced that objectivity prevents an oppressive culture because discoveries are independent of identity,” they observe. “Consequently, we unknowingly spread whiteness ideology.”

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“Ann Ryan (2008) argues that the history of European colonization and conquest influenced contemporary attitudes of valid knowledge, and much of the way western nations teach science erases the values and culture of indigenous people,” they continue. “Therefore, our science is out of touch with the experiences of our students of Color and, instead, represent post-colonial discourses of White power and control over people of Color via forcing the internalization of Western science knowledge.”

The article is specifically critical of the belief that “science and how we approach experimentation and constructing scientific explanations is unbiased,” arguing that the very assumption actually encourages bias.

“This way of

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Vandals dismantle pro-life display at Clemson

Yet another pro-life display set up by a conservative student group was destroyed by vandals last week, this time at South Carolina’s Clemson University. 

The school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter set up the March 14 display, which consisted of 202 white crosses, each one equalling “30 babies killed by abortion in South Carolina,” according to signs accompanying the display, which was dedicated “In memory of the lives lost to abortion.”

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YAF Chairwoman Morgan Bailey told Campus Reform that the vandalism occurred when she “had to leave the display for a short amount of time,” saying, “I ran outside and saw that the crosses were gone except for a few,” at which point witnesses “told us it was a person with long blonde hair.” 

According to Bailey’s account, most of the signs were discovered a short time later crumpled in a men’s restroom.

Bailey later emailed a Clemson University dean about the incident and filed a report with the school’s police department in the hopes that the vandal would be caught.

“I hope that CUPD catches who did this and that the university makes it clear that students should not shut down another student’s’/organization’s speech just because they disagree,” Bailey added, saying, “we would’ve reset it up on Thursday but we only had like 30 crosses leftover.”

Bailey said she had hoped that her classmates “would be tolerant of our views and would not vandalize our displays or posters,” but that the experience proved her optimism about Clemson’s campus to be misplaced.

“My YAF members and I knew it’d be a possibility that our display would be torn down but we didn’t think it would actually happen,” she remarked, saying the vandalism “shows that conservative views and beliefs aren’t always welcomed on campus even if you go to a school where the student body is fairly conservative.”

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Before the vandalism occurred, some Clemson students took to social m

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Prof calls conservative students a racist mob

A controversial Florida Gulf Coast University professor who drew national media attention for his “white racism” course recently gave a lecture equating conservative students to Nazis.

Professor Ted Thornhill delivered the comments during a guest appearance at Minnesota’s St. Olaf College, his former employer, where he called the institution “a violent place for people of color.” 

He proceeded to invite white students in the audience who felt that students of color were lying about claims of racial oppression to raise their hands, expressing surprise when no students did so because he had observed that “far right groups like Turning Point and Campus Reform and libertarians are represented in the room.”

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Thornhill then explained that he has more respect for the KKK than the aforementioned groups because it is more “honest” about its white supremacist beliefs. 

“America is a racist country…this is a racist society, that’s unarguable,” he added, displaying a PowerPoint of the “central characters in the on-campus white racist mob” and labeling Campus Reform, The College Fix, Turning Point USA, the College Republicans, and Students for Liberty among them. 

“You can’t be capitulating to these folks, they use evil and insidious strategies and don’t have facts, don’t use logic…you can immediately spot em…folks of color get it,” he stated, saying such organizations “feed into Fox.” 

Thornhill later set his sights on specific individuals from these organizations, including Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips and Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, whose attire he called the “uniform of white supremacy.” 

This is how “you can immediately spot them,” he declared, suggesting that members of the so-called “racist far right” wear certain colors to signify ideology. 

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“I just wanna say something to y’all. Because of y’all I was able to go on CNN…when I write the book I’m going to dedicate it to them,” he later commented, signaling out conservative media in the room. 


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