Ariz prof claims college underpaid her thousands Now she wants millions

Ariz prof claims college underpaid her thousands Now she wants millions

A University of Arizona professor filed a lawsuit Thursday in federal court alleging the university discriminated against women. 

The lawsuit followed a January 2018 suit, in which former UA Honors College Dean Patricia MacCorquodale sued UA for $2 million under the guise of gender discrimination and limited pay.

Thursday's complaint was filed by Katrina Miranda, a current associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Arizona, who has been with the university since 2002. Miranda is seeking $20 million. 

Campus Reform reached out to Miranda’s legal team to ask how they arrived at $20 million. Attorney Andrew Melzer responded, stating that the request was a “preliminary rough estimate based on info at this point, which is limited.” 

He went on to say that the amount “will devolve as the case progresses,” and that “the $20 million request is based on average pay of men and women in the college, damages, liquidated or double damages, and emotional distress. There are a number of aspects and factors involved, but it is a rough projection. It could change.”

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In the complaint, Miranda claimed that she was "underpaid by $9,000 to $36,000 dollars every year compared to her male colleagues who have worked for similar lengths of time at the University and received tenure around the same time as she did." 

Melzer asserts that these determinations were made using the UA Salary Database, a tool found on, an arm of the Arizona Daily Star. This publication is not an official, state-sponsored database. 

Miranda’s lawsuit, which is classified as a “class action” lawsuit, claims that there are as many as 80 other female professors who face similar pay discrimination.

Melzer did not indicate that other women had joined the suit, and when asked whether women from other departments could join, he said, “this particular lawsuit is for female professors in the UA College of Science that have been discriminated against over the last three years. If others think that they are experiencing similar issues,

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