Clemson student gov passes anti-bias resolution. Political bias mysteriously missing

Clemson University’s student government recently passed a resolution condemning acts of bias on campuses across America.  

The measure was addressed to Clemson University’s Executive Leadership Team and calls on administration officials to “recognize and respond to any and all” bias that is “ignorant, intolerant, and bigoted.” 

The student senators sponsoring the resolution, Roann Abdeladl and Libby Milano, adopted Bucknell University’s definition of bias incidents, condemning intentional attacks toward an individual's “actual or perceived age, class, color, disability, ethnic/regional/national origin group, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.”

An experience of one of the sponsors, Abdeladl, largely inspired the resolution. A September photo of the student senator and the Muslim Students Association selling donuts on campus went viral and was posted to what Abdeladl described as “an off-campus alt-right ministry”, garnering more than 3,000 shares.

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The resolution, which passed Feb. 18, cites that Abdeladl was harassed and threatened with statements like “we need to be in front of them — Bible in hand and rifle in the other” and “Time to go to Walmart and buy more bullets” and laments that the Clemson Executive Leadership Team did not issue a response.

Abdeladl and Milano also provide an example of what they term neo-Nazism and white supremacy, including flyers posted by Clemson students in February 2018 with phrases like “white people, are you tired of being blamed for everything? Wondering why only white countries need multiculturalism? Realizing diversity means ‘less white?’”

According to the resolution, the Executive Team also did not respond to this incident.

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In addition to these, the resolution cites an August 2018 instance, in which Confederate flags were spotted on and near Clemson’s campus during an initiative by South Carolina’s Secessionist Party. The student senators again complain that the Executive Leadership Team did not issue a statement.

Shortly after this latter incident, as well as the toppling of a Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina at Chapel

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