Philly Antifa promotes 'shutting down' Candace Owens event. Her response is perfect (VIDEO)

A Philadelphia Antifa chapter promoted a tweet encouraging people to "shut down" a Monday night event featuring conservative activist Candace Owens. The University of Pennsylvania’s College Republicans chapter invited Owens, who is the director of communications for the conservative group Turning Point USA, to speak on campus. Owens, however, did not seem phased ahead of the event. 

Self-described “anti-capitalist” Twitter account Fellow Worker Gritty, which has more than 15,000 followers, branded Turning Point USA a “neo-fascist organization." "While less aggressive tactics continue, such as phone calls, emails, speaking with the staff, and spreading awareness on social media, it seems likely that a large-scale confrontation is inevitable,” the account tweeted Thursday. “We consider TPUSA to be a threat to our city [Philadelphia]." 

TPUSA’s “adulation of free speech and patriotism just barely veil a neo-fascist organization working hand-in-hand with a ‘soft white power’ recruit 18 to 22-year-olds — a well-worn tactic of early fascists from the Blackshirts to the Hitler Youth,” Fellow Worker Gritty added.

The “ANTIFA Philadelphia” Twitter account shared a separate tweet from the "Fellow Worker Gritty" account, which stated the building and room number in which Owens is scheduled to speak, and added that "the community has organized to shut down this engagement early" by making phone calls to members of UPenn's administration. 

“Hitler admiring, far-right, anti-immigrant fear monger Candace Owens brings her outrageously wrong and backwards 'ideology' to UPenn on Monday, for real y'all are an Ivy League School? Y'all should have that revoked," Antifa Philadelphia tweeted. 

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Twitter user Antifash Boomhauer responded to Gritty, suggesting that someone should start throwing things at Candace Owens during her event, according to The UPenn Statesman.

“I’m not saying anyone should throw water or eggs at her for speaking but Walmart does sell Coyote Urine in a bottle and Balloons, some assembly required,” the account, which is now private, reportedly said.

“Racist propagandist, white nat’lism enabler & viral deception agent Candace Owens has been invited by Penn GOP to speak on campus,” UPenn re

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