Missouri univ. tried to restrict students' 9/11 display, emails suggest

Maryville University in St. Louis, Mo. is backtracking after initially telling the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter that it could only set up 500 flags for a 9/11 campus display, even though the group requested to set up 2,977 flags, representing the number of people who died in the 9/11 attacks.

According to emails provided to Campus Reform, the YAF chapter initially sent an email to university administrators requesting to place around 3,000 flags on campus for their 9/11 display. That email was forwarded to various administrators and faculty involved in event planning on campus, who then held a conference call to discuss the display that YAF proposed. 

The Maryville YAF chapter provided Campus Reform with these emails under the condition that names would be redacted. YAF, on its website, has published the emails with the names unredacted. Positions of the campus officials involved are assistant dean for nursing (the group's faculty advisor),  director of student involvement, and campus event manager. 

After the conference call on Monday, an administrator emailed the president of the YAF chapter at Maryville and said that the organization would be restricted to placing only 500 flags or fewer, nearly 2,500 fewer than originally requested.

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In a phone call with Campus Reform, the YAF chapter president, who asked not to be named, said that after receiving the email, he contacted the campus administrator, who then said that the restriction to place 500 flags or less at the display “was final.”

“Maryville University Young Americans for Freedom will be placing flags (500 or less) and a 9/11 never forget signs [sic] in the designated grassy area,” an email obtained by Campus Reform stated. The message also included location restrictions for the display. 

However, after the national chapter of Young Americans for Freedom posted a story about the flag restrictions, the administration backtracked.

The YAF president said he was called into a meeting with the dean of students and was told that the restriction to set up only 500 flags was a “miscommunication” between faculty and that the event had been approved to display the originally requested 2,977

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Prof says universities 'make it easier' for Antifa ideas to be 'put into practice'

Bucknell University Professor Alexander Riley says universities "make it easier" for "wrong-headed" and "anti-democratic" ideas, like those of Antifa and its sympathizers, to take root and be "put into practice."

Riley, who first drew attention to the fact that Bucknell University invited former Dartmouth lecturer and Antifa sympathizer Mark Bray to speak on the Pennsylvania campus on the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, made those comments and more in an exclusive interview with Campus Reform Managing Editor Jon Street on Tuesday. 

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Bray, as Campus Reform has reported, is the author of Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook and donated half of his book proceeds to the group that President Donald Trump says he is considering labeling as a domestic terror organization. Bray has also stated that violence is a "legitimate response" to white supremacist and other extremist views. 

While Riley noted that "it's not everybody on the left who endorses Mark Bray and those ideas...there are some folks on the left who I think are willing to entertain the notion that you have to repress some ideas, some ideas have to be prevented from being expressed." 

"That becomes even easier to not just articulate that position but essentially to put it into practice in places like universities where, again, you get a certain kind of groupthink phenomena in some humanities and social sciences parts of university where everybody's basically on the same side," Riley told Campus Reform. 

"It's much easier for wrongheaded and frankly anti-democratic like those of Mr. Bray to get a little wider purview than they would otherwise."

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Watch the full interview: 


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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Public univ. official confronts 'trespassing' conservatives

Activists recruiting for a conservative student organization were instructed to move by the threat of police force at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in early September because they were not in an “approved” location.

Before Joshua Fox, a field representative for Campus Reform’s parent organization the Leadership Institute, and Turning Point USA recruiter Olivia Talley were shut down by a campus official for not being in the “designated tabling area,” they were approached by a woman who they say appeared to be an employee of the university, although Campus Reform could not independently verify her employment status. 

In trying to challenge the group’s stated mission of promoting free speech and limited government, the woman attempted to argue that the right to freedom of speech is “government-given” rather than being a “god-given right.” 

“A woman who worked for the University began questioning our group’s purpose. She wanted us to say that freedom of speech is given to us by the government and that we are not born with that right,” Fox told Campus Reform.


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Fox says that the woman then realized that Talley was recording her with her cell phone, after which point the woman can be heard saying to Fox, “and your camera too.”

Fox alleged that the woman “tried to remove my body camera until I informed her I had a right to film her actions because we were on public property outside," although Campus Reform could not confirm this claim. 

"This just goes to show that universities are run by left-leaning individuals who don’t believe we are born with inalienable rights," Fox said. 

The woman eventually left after complaining that Fox “dismissed” her to speak with an interested student approaching the table. 

Soon afterward, Fox and Talley were approached by UMBC Assistant Director of Event Production Simon Reilly, who told them that they were not in an “approved tabling location.”

“You guys can’t just come and set up,” Reilly said. 

When Talley pointed out that they were on public property, Reilly responded by repeating “this is not an approved space for tabling.”

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